4 Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Sparkling

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September 9, 2015
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4 Tips for Keeping Your Jewelry Sparkling

The diamond you got when he proposed was a symbol of your everlasting love, but over time even the hardest natural substance on Earth can start to look a little less sparkly. Everyday wear and tear on a diamond can cause it to collect dirt and can minimize that beautiful appeal that it had when you first put it on. You don’t always need to ditch that diamond and buy a new one, though. Follow these tips to keep that diamond sparkling and beautiful for years to come.

1: Keep Your Fingers Off

Diamonds will naturally attract grease, which makes them hard to keep clean at all times. Touching them with fingers that have natural oils in them will exacerbate this tendency to attract grease and dirt, and over time can alter the way your diamond looks and how it reflects light. Try not to touch it if you don’t have to, and if you must touch the diamond, be sure to clean it soon after.

2: Clean the Diamond

An ammonia-based household cleaner is one of the best options for keeping your diamond looking beautiful and clean on a daily basis. There are also some diamond cleaning solutions out there that you can purchase, and in most cases all you have to do is place the diamond in the solution overnight about once a week, then scrub it with a soft-bristled brush (such as a toothbrush) in the morning to keep it looking just like new.

3: Be Cautious About Cleaning Fragile Heirloom Jewelry

Not all jewelry will hold up to being soaked and scrubbed with a brush. In these cases it’s better to rinse the diamond with lukewarm water and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. You may not be able to get it to the same sparkly clean that you get your brush-scrubbed diamonds, but you also won’t risk damaging the antique jewelry.

4: Avoid Harmful Cleaning Solutions

Not all household cleaners can and should be used on jewelry. Harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, or abrasive cleaners such as toothpaste, should never be used on diamonds, especially if the diamond is already set in jewelry such as a ring or necklace. Over time these harsh chemicals can erode the metals, causing prongs or settings to loosen or even dissolving the metal so you can no longer wear it.

Having beautiful jewelry can make you proud to wear it every day, but it’s important to understand how to clean it and keep it looking sparkling over time without causing any damage. Talk to a professional Utah jeweler if you have any questions about cleaning your specific ring or other piece of jewelry.