6 Answers to Questions About Custom Jewelry in Utah

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Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Jewelry
February 23, 2021
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6 Answers to Questions About Custom Jewelry in Utah

Custom Jewelry in Utah FAQs

When shopping in a jewelry store, there are times when you might not be able to find just the item you want. What’s worse is that if you settle for a readily available design due to time constraints, you might be unhappy with your choice. That’s why you should consider getting custom jewelry in Utah from AAA Jewelers right from the start.

Although the idea sounds complicated, getting custom jewelry is quite simple. You need to familiarize yourself with the basics and the process so you’re armed with the correct information when you go to the jeweler of your choice.

How Is Custom Jewelry Made?

Jewelers usually start creating custom jewelry by visualizing a design then translating it into a sketch. Using their software of choice, the artist then renders the drawing into a 3D model that can be better viewed and adjusted from every angle, making the design easier to work with.

Depending on the equipment used by your jeweler, the next step could either be running the file through a milling machine or 3D printer to create an intricate model based on the design. After this, the artist then prepares the replica for casting, ensuring that the molten material will fill every crevice of the mold and prevent any air bubble formation.

The resulting product is what they refer to in jewelry crafting as the tree. The tree is then transferred into a metal cylinder where a specialized casting material is poured to produce a negative mold. In a few days, this mold will harden. After that, the jeweler can place it into a furnace for casting.

The flask is then left to cool before the artist removes the piece. The jewelry is then sanded and polished to perfection. If the design requires gemstones, it is at this time that they are set. The finishing process varies from one craftsman to another, so it is best to ask the store where you are getting yours made about their process.

Is Custom-Made Jewelry More Expensive?

It depends on how you look at it. Price-wise, custom jewelry can appear to be more expensive than its ready-to-wear counterparts. But getting the style and fit that you genuinely want more than makes up for the cost. Plus, if you opt for an original design, you have a unique piece that is yours to cherish forever and can even be passed on to future generations.

How Long Does Custom Jewelry Take to Make?

Depending on how elaborate your design is, custom jewelry should take around four to six weeks to finish. However, you must remember that jewelry making is an artform and its craftsmen have varied timelines for finishing a piece. The number of revisions needed can also affect the completion time.

If you need the item for a particular event, make sure to schedule your initial appointment with the artisan ahead of time to make allowances for possible delays. After all, jewelry making is an intricate process that can’t be rushed.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Custom Jewelry in Utah Made?

Whether it is wedding bands or diamond rings in Utah, the cost will vary from one store to another. The artist’s materials, design and standard rates will also play into the cost. For concerns like this, it is best to talk to your trusted jeweler in Utah so they can discuss rates and your options.

It is important to note that not everyone who manufactures jewelry is an artisan. Those who create custom jewelry have spent time, money and resources honing their craft. So their rates may be higher because they not only have skills, but also artistry.

What Are the Types of Custom Jewelry?

Almost all types of jewelry can be customized, from bracelets to rings to earrings, with necklaces being the most common. Letter and name necklaces are a popular form of customization. They are trendy and make great gifts.

Clients usually have an option to have a name, date or phrase engraved on some part of their jewelry, generally on the back of a pendant or charm. Getting charms or trinkets made from scratch is also an option. Custom rings are often made for special occasions like engagements and weddings. A skilled jeweler can customize the colors and the settings of the gems as well.

Where Can I Get Custom Jewelry in Utah?

You have two options: You can either buy at a physical store or online. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to decide which one best suits your preference.

Shopping in-store allows you to talk to the craftsmen or their trained representatives. You’ll be able to make a better-informed choice because everything will be easily accessible to you, including their actual products. You’ll be able to examine the items thoroughly and describe the design you want in ways that you might find difficult to do virtually or when filling out a form on a website.

On the other hand, online shopping has been a godsend for those who want to buy custom jewelry but don’t have much time on their hands. And with the help of video conferencing, it is now possible to schedule an appointment with the jewelry designer and have a detailed look at and discussion about the design you have in mind.

Since personalized wedding rings and other jewelry in Utah can be pricey, you should only patronize experienced artisans with a proven reputation in the industry. AAA Jewelers has been in the fine jewelry business for decades and has licensed gemologists on board to assure quality and fairness. Book an appointment to visit our store and see for yourself!