The Appraisal Process: What Jewelers Look For

Collecting precious jewelry is easy, but assessing their value requires expertise. Yes, the jewelry appraisal process is an art form that we jewelers study for years to master.

Often, customers ask how jewelers appraise fine jewelry. The whole process is a lot more exhaustive, but virtually all gemologists look at three factors:


Gemstone quality is an umbrella term. Whenever jewelers encounter this question, the answer involves many things. In diamonds, the rule of the 4 Cs applies – clarity, cut, carat, and color. For other gemstones, the standards might differ slightly, although the concepts are nearly the same. Remember: the 4 Cs are just one aspect of the valuation process for quality.

Jewelers also check the retail and the replacement value of a gem, as well as if the stone has proper certification to prove its authenticity. Measurements come into play, too. The size and weight of the stone and the jewelry both matter in finalizing its price.


For jewelry with gemstones, rarity plays a very important part. The harder it is to replace a gem, the more expensive the accessory becomes. After all, rare gems indicate the difficulty of mining and processing. Very rare gems, such as tanzanite and red beryl, can easily net thousands of dollars per carat.


Last but not the least, jewelers also look at the craftsmanship of the accessory. This is why experts always tell customers to take care of the sparklers they buy, because the level of care plays a role in how well the accessory holds its value. Of course, a ring with a faded – or worse, chipped – gem will have only a fraction of its purchase value. The intricacy of design patterns is also a part of this.

We don’t just buy and sell jewelry; we know how to determine the value of your items. We have decades of knowledge and experience that we use in our daily operation – be it in buying, selling, or appraising. Whatever it is you own, our jewelers are ready to provide an honest appraisal for it.

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