Basics of Diamond Color Vs. Clarity

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August 15, 2017
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Basics of Diamond Color Vs. Clarity

Anyone who has spent significant time buying or selling diamond rings or other diamond items will know the importance of the four Cs in diamond grading: Color, clarity, cut and carat weight. At AAA Jewelers, our diamond jewelry rates well in each area, with a variety of options available.

In particular, color and clarity are the two elements here that are most immediately detectable to the human eye. Let’s look at some important considerations in these two areas, and how they relate.

Color Spectrum

Color in a diamond refers to the amount of detectable yellow or brown tint that’s present in the diamond itself. Clarity, on the other hand, refers to natural diamond inclusions – these can be crystals of other minerals, black carbon, tiny internal breaks (known as “feathers), clouds or groups of mixed types.

For color, know that many parts of the basic spectrum will appear similar to the human eye. When looking from the top of the stone as one would normally see it, any color within the D to J range (they’re classified by letters will not show any color – but from the side, one can notice a difference. In addition, certain shapes show color more than others – ovals, radiant and pear shapes in particular. On the flip side, round brilliants, emerald cuts and asschers tend to mask color.

Visible Inclusions

In stones with more inclusions, clarity can be very important. These inclusions block more light than in other kinds of stones. Clarity is all about what kind of stone you’re looking for – stones ranging from Flawless to Slightly Included 1 will often not show any visible inclusions, while a middle range of stones from VS2 to SI1 will usually stop inclusions from being seen by the naked eye without spending too extreme an amount. For step cut diamonds like emerald and asscher cuts, clarity is vital due to how easily inclusions in the center can be seen.

Staying Balanced

Which you prioritize more out of color and clarity will depend on your stone preferences. One isn’t necessarily more important than the other. If you’re unsure, we generally recommend finding a well-balanced stone in both areas that satays within your budget.

For more information on diamond color and clarity, or to find out about any of our other jewelry services, speak to the experts at AAA Jewelers today.