Carrying Out a Flawless Surprise Utah Engagement Proposal

flawless surprise engagement proposal

For many people, the single most exciting and anticipated part about becoming engaged is the proposal itself. Many people will attempt to set up their upcoming proposal as a surprise to their partner, and doing so will often require just a bit of planning and detail to ensure the surprise isn’t spoiled in any way.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re happy to offer Utah’s best selection of diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and many other related products. What are some simple tips we offer to clients on carrying out a flawless surprise engagement proposal? Here are a few, including engagement ring themes we’ll be happy to assist you with.

Selecting an Engagement Ring Size in Secret

In many cases, one of the toughest and most nuanced parts of this process is securing an engagement ring for your partner without them finding out. If you’re not ready to propose quite yet but want to start the process, consider involving a friend or family member in on the secret to help you select the right ring.

For instance, a sibling or close friend may be able to get access to a ring your partner likes or try it on for size without arousing too much suspicion. Another option is to bring your partner shopping for other jewelry such as a necklace or earrings and “accidentally” stumble across the engagement rings. This will give you a chance to gauge their reaction and get an idea of what style they may be interested in.

In other cases, especially if you live together, you may look to covertly locate one of their existing rings and take it to a jeweler to get an idea of size. This can be a risky proposition, however, as your partner may notice the ring is missing and wonder why.

Style Considerations

When it comes to style for a ring you’re purchasing secretly, this really comes down to your in-depth knowledge of your partner and their preferences. If you’re unsure, however, a good rule of thumb is to select a ring with a more classic style that can be easily worn for years to come.

Many people also opt for a solitaire style engagement ring, as this timeless look is always in fashion. This will also give you more wiggle room when it comes to size, as a solitaire can be resized relatively easily compared to other styles.

Hiding the Ring

In the period between your ring purchase and the actual proposal itself, you’ll need to keep the ring hidden away so your partner doesn’t find it. This can be a tricky proposition, especially if you live together, but there are a few options.

For instance, you could store the ring at a friend or family member’s house until you’re ready to propose. Or, if you have a home safe, you could keep it hidden away in there. Just be sure to remember the combination!

Plan the Proposal Ahead of Time

Like any other event you want to go off without a hitch, you’ll need to put some thought into the proposal itself. This means having a plan for where you’re going to propose, what you’re going to say and how you’re going to get down on one knee.

If you’re stuck for ideas, consider proposing in a place that’s special to both of you such as where you had your first date or where you went on your first vacation together. You could also hide the ring in a piece of jewelry or gift your partner is already expecting to receive.

The key here is to be creative and think outside the box to ensure your proposal is truly unique and personal to your relationship.

Get Some Help

Many of the best surprise proposals are carried out with some help from friends or family. This could involve enlisting a friend to help you pick out the ring or hiding the ring at their house until you’re ready to propose.

You could also ask a close friend or family member to be in on the proposal itself and help you carry out your plan. This is especially helpful if you’re planning something truly over-the-top like a flash mob or skydiving proposal.

Keep It a Secret

The most important thing to remember when planning a surprise engagement proposal is to keep it a secret! This means not letting anything slip to your partner in the lead up to the big day.

Of course, this can be easier said than done. Many couples share literally everything with each other, so keeping a secret like this can be tough.

One way to help ensure you don’t let the secret slip is to confide in as few people as possible. Only tell those who absolutely need to know and who you can trust to keep it to themselves.

Another tip is to avoid giving any hints or dropping any clues that something big is about to happen. This means not asking your partner leading questions about marriage or engagement, and avoiding doing anything out of the ordinary that could tip them off.

Take a Deep Breath and Do It!

When the big day comes, you might be a bit nervous. After all, this is a pretty big deal! Just take a deep breath and remember that you’ve got this.

If you’ve followed all of the steps above, then you’re well on your way to carrying out a flawless surprise engagement proposal. So go forth and pop the question! Your partner is sure to say yes.

For more on how to execute a perfect surprise engagement proposal from ring selection to getting down on one knee, or to learn about any of our engagement or other diamond jewelry for Utah clients, speak to the team at AAA Jewelers today.