Choosing Perfect Engagement Ring Size

Choosing Perfect Engagement Ring Size

When it comes to engagement rings, you’ve come to the right place at AAA Jewelers. Our huge selection of diamond and other engagement rings is second to none, with top experts to help you and your beloved get the perfect marker of this momentous occasion.

One big question we often get from new buyers: How do I select the proper size ring? There are a few important factors that go into it. Let’s go over some of the steps we recommend you take when selecting the proper size for an engagement ring.

Ring Design

The first important factor to consider here is the ring design, which is heavily influenced by the budget you have. For instance, round cuts are generally fairly expensive compared to other types. The design you use may differ significantly if you choose another stone besides a diamond, as well, so that’s a factor to consider.

Ring Shape

Once you know the design you’re looking for, the next step is to determine ring shape. Are you looking for rounded elongated cuts like ovals or pears, or more into the cushion or princess cut that brings a more square look? Consider both what you prefer naturally, plus what looks great on your hand.

Ring Cut

The next step from here is considering the cut, or the interior pattern of the stone. Various stones may have different faceting patterns, which refer to the way they look within the actual stone.

Ratio and Measurements

Finally, it’s time to make your actual selection on size. First, you have to decide the size of the center you want, which could be defined by the type and shape of stone you use. This helps you acquire your ratio in terms of millimeter size. If you’re looking at a 1:1.1 ratio elongated cushion at three carats, for instance, then a 9x8mm shape will generally work best. If you’re unsure about this, ask our professionals to help recommend a great size.

For more on choosing the right size for an engagement ring, or to learn about any of our diamond rings, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.