Clarity Enhanced Diamonds: Creation Methods Used

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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds: Creation Methods Used

clarity enhanced diamonds methods

For many buyers, the most important of the “Four Cs” of diamond buying will be diamond clarity. And for those on a budget who want optimal clarity in their diamond, one option that might be considered is known as the clarity enhanced diamond, which involves filling the cavity with a tiny amount of a patented compound that eliminates visible inclusions.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re happy to offer a wide range of high-quality GIA diamonds for a variety of needs, from engagement rings to wedding bands, fashion jewelry and more. We’ll work with you on any of the Four Cs or other diamond qualities you have in mind, including those who want great clarity but have a limited budget to attain it. This two-part blog series will begin by going over the types of clarity enhanced diamonds out there, then dig into the pros and cons of going this route if you’re considering it.


The most robust form of clarity enhancement for diamonds is deep boiling, which is the only one of these processes that has actual GIA approval. However, it can also only be done on diamonds with black inclusions that reach the surface – if not, the acid used will not penetrate to the inclusion and will be useless.

During deep boiling, which is very common and affordable, acid will be sent into the diamond cavity to remove the black compound that’s creating an inclusion. It will replace this black inclusion with a translucent one that’s much harder to see. This is a treatment that comes with little stigma or risk as long as it’s performed correctly.

Laser Drilling Varieties

There are two laser drilling formats also used for enhancing diamond clarity:

  • Standard laser drilling: For diamonds whose black inclusions don’t make it to the surface, this process involves drilling a hole with a laser and then boiling the diamond using the deep boiling method to remove the inclusion.
  • Special laser drilling: Mostly the same as standard, but involves a thin plane burned through the diamond to reach the inclusion rather than a tunnel format used for standard processes.

Fracture Filling

Another process sometimes used here is known as fracture filling, which means filling the inclusion cavity with a tiny amount of a silicon or similar compound. It’s best for “feather” style inclusions that are clean empty cavities, which can become basically invisible when the compound is entered into them. In many cases, fracture filling will be utilized alongside special laser drilling to allow for elimination of inclusions below the surface of the stone, which as we noted cannot be achieved using boiling only.

For more on clarity enhanced diamonds, or to learn about any of our engagement rings, fashion jewelry pieces and more, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.