Considerations for Traveling With Jewelry

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Considerations for Traveling With Jewelry

considerations traveling jewelry

Whether you have a beautiful new engagement ring or a piece of fashion jewelry you’ve held close for many years, care while traveling is an important consideration. We’ve all heard horror stories about people who lost valuable, meaningful rings or other jewelry because they weren’t careful enough while on some kind of vacation or trip.

At AAA Jewelers, we can offer basic storage and care recommendations for all our wedding rings and fashion jewelry pieces alike. Let’s go over some important areas to consider if you’re getting ready to take a trip in the near future.

Should You Even Bring It?

The first big question to ask yourself here, particularly if the piece is new and you haven’t traveled with it before: Should you even bring it along? Some people are fine spending a few days without their main jewelry pieces, or at least would rather do this than risk losing them. If you don’t have a specific desire or need to bring your jewelry, you might consider safely storing it at home.


If you do choose to bring any jewelry with you on your trip, step one here is ensuring that any pieces valuable enough are insured properly. Make sure you’re up to speed on all your insurance coverage and what it actually covers just in case anything happens and you misplace the item.

Storage Tips

A few basic tips we can offer on storage and daily care if you do decide to take your pieces with you on a trip:

  • Daily wear: When you’re not sleeping or in a place where jewelry is not allowed for some reason, you should have your pieces on your person at all times.
  • Chain: We recommend purchasing a chain or some other kind of metal that you can throw your ring on when you’re doing any activity that requires you to take rings off.
  • Sleep: When sleeping, keep pieces on a nightstand near you – avoid sinks or any drain areas it might fall down.

Ring Alternatives

There are also a couple alternatives available to you if you have the funds and want to leave main pieces at home – but still display something while traveling. Some people use moissanite stones as a secondary ring option that costs far less than the actual engagement or wedding ring. In other cases, people stack wedding bands and travel with these instead of the actual engagement rings themselves. These bands often have a very similar aesthetic feel to the primary pieces, but with less risk when you travel.

For more on how to properly store and care for diamonds and other jewelry while traveling, or to learn about any of our jewelry choices, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.