Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

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September 15, 2017
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Creative Jewelry Storage Ideas

As all of our customers will know, AAA Jewelers is the place to go if you want to buy new jewelry of any kind. From a full range of bridal jewelry to a wide selection of fashion pieces and watches, we have you covered for all your needs.

Once you’ve purchased jewelry, however, you need to store and organize it properly. This can be a fun process, though – here are some tips for a few creative, crafty jewelry storage options you can often make yourself.

Cork Boards

Cork boards are generally used for memos, reminders or photos, but they’re also a perfect space for jewelry layout. All you need is the board plus a few push pins and some decorating paper – you can stack chains, necklaces and other jewelry in a tidy, neat place that shows them off to any visitors. Add more fun with stickers, ribbons or any other color elements you prefer. This option is great because it’s perfect for a wide range of sizes of jewelry collections.

Wooden Utensil Organizers

This creative holder will only need a wooden organizer plus some hooks. Attach the hooks to necklaces or sections of earrings, rings or pendants, and say hello to a much more organized storage space free of tangling and misplace accessories.


Things like empty shoe boxes and paper towel rolls may seem useless, but they can be repurposed easily. Just get some craft paper and wrap them up – instantly, you have a good organizer. You can add your own personal style to any part of this as well.

Lace Strips

For earring storage, lace strips are a perfect tool. You can store hoops, studs and cuff earrings with a small piece of lace, one that can be hung virtually anywhere for easy access.

Old Tools

Instead of discarding old tools, consider new usages for them. For instance, an old gardening rake might make a perfect jewelry storage item – put some twine and ribbons on it, and suddenly you have a new hanger. You can paint it a new color or add design elements as you see fit.

For more creative ideas for jewelry storage, or for any of our other jewelry services, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.