Diamond Cuts: What You Need to Know

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September 15, 2016
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Diamond Cuts: What You Need to Know

Diamond Rings

Since the time of ancient Rome, it has been a custom for a man to give a woman an engagement ring. There are many aspects that make an engagement ring unique, such as the stone, cut, band style, and setting.

A jeweler selling engagement rings should be able to advise you on what is best for you, but it is always good to do your own research as well.

The cut of the diamond is one of the most distinguishing factors for an engagement ring; it decides the value and the overall impression of the jewelry piece.

A diamond indicates two mains aspects of the stone:

  1. The proportions, dimensions, and finish.
  2. The shape or appearance of the stone.

Diamond Cuts and Dimensions

Generally the diamond cut means the way light reflects off the stone and makes it sparkle. The dimensions and finish of a diamond are the outcome of the way the facets are cut and the facet angles are essential to the overall sparkle effect of a diamond.

The proportions of the stone signify depth and symmetry, often times affecting the way that light hits and reflects off the diamond.

Diamond Shapes

There are a number of diamond shapes available and it is the main focal point of your engagement ring. When you choose a ring, find a diamond shape that matches your personal sense of style and complements your hand.

Traditional Diamond Shapes

Round – The most popular style of engagement ring, these diamonds have a circle shape and a signature sparkle.

Oval – A unique twist on the round shape, oval diamonds offer an elegant style that is good for those with short fingers.

Princess – A good alternative to the classic round shape and the second most popular engagement ring style, these diamonds are cut into a signature square shape.

Cushion – Also referred to as a pillow cut, these diamonds are a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. This shape is famous for its beautiful shimmer and romantic style.

Non-Traditional Diamond Shapes

Emerald – This unique rectangular-shaped diamond emphasizes the diamond’s clarity, creating a classy alternative engagement ring style.

Asscher – A square version of the emerald shape, this diamond is cut to emphasize clarity and provide a flawless appearance.

Marquise – This spectacular boat-shaped diamond will make a statement for sure. The stone’s shape is meant to enrich appearance of size.

Pear – A mix of oval and marquise shapes, this distinctive style helps in slimming wider fingers.

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