Beautiful, Rare, and Timeless: Fancy Colored Diamonds

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds in Utah make a truly special gift for the most important person in your life.

Diamonds are rare, lustrous, and timelessly beautiful, and many covet these colored gems, especially those who seek unconventional jewelry. AAA Jewelers offers a wide range of lovely, colored-diamond jewelry-adorned pieces. Our robust collection of colored diamond jewelry in Utah will help you find a meaningful piece that you or your loved one will treasure for a lifetime.

Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to fancy colored diamonds, the ones outside the normal color range are the most precious. We offer some of the rarest and most valuable colors, including saturated pinks, greens, and blues. You can also ask us about extremely rare fancy green, red, and blue fancy colored diamonds in Utah with moderate saturation or medium to dark tones.

Some people choose their stone based on their personality or the recipient’s personality. Here are some guidelines on choosing a colored stone based on personality:

Bubbly and Outgoing

For individuals with extremely sociable personalities, subtle diamonds are a no-no. Go for an extremely rare pink or a fancy vivid yellow diamond. The bolder and more vivid the color, the more suitable it is for people with this personality.

Shy and Reserved

For those who are shy and reserved, light yellows and champagne colored diamonds in Salt Lake City are ideal.  Individuals who tend to veer away from the spotlight will want gems with low color intensity.

Friendly and Confident

Regardless if the color is pure or secondary, beautiful green diamonds convey confidence and warmth. They show that an individual is sure of herself without being too overpowering.

Serious and Introverted

More serious individuals are likely to love the sophistication of a colorless diamond with very high clarity. Champagne fancy colored diamonds can also do the job.

If you are unsure about which colored diamond to purchase, visit our shop today. Our knowledgeable consultants are happy to help you make the best decision.