Different Jewelry Type Basics

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October 15, 2017
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Different Jewelry Type Basics

If you’re looking to buy jewelry but are inexperienced in this area, this can feel like an intimidating experience. There are lots of terms and definitions to know, and it can feel like you’re an outsider while hearing others talk about it.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re here to make the jewelry shopping experience simple and painless for those who aren’t experienced. For many people, that starts with a simple understanding of what the different major types of jewelry are – what occasions they’re right for, how they’re valued and what’s most popular.


Diamond engagement rings are the popular choice here, and there are many forms of jewelry rings out there. For diamonds, be sure to consider the sparkle and the color – the better the cut, the more a diamond will generally sparkle. If a diamond appears dull or muted, on the other hand, it may not have been cut well.

If you’re looking for great value in a diamond ring, look for diamonds with no visible color. In addition, other popular rings include mood rings, thumb rings, ring stacks and knuckle rings.


The right kind of earrings can instantly enhance any casual look and make it feel much more formal. Popular earring styles include hoops, drops and classic precious gem studs. Pearls are also some of the most common gems used in earring jewelry.


Whether large or small, necklaces make a statement. They can be worn every day and with various outfits, and they show off a little bit of glamour while keeping things cute. Necklaces are a great accessory to buy for someone with a varied fashion style, as they’re so versatile and go well with so many different looks.


The right bracelet gives a polished, elegant feel to any look. Bracelets are some of the most popular jewelry presents for special events – they’re immensely personalized, which means you can earn some brownie points with a significant other by nailing their style and getting them the perfect accessory. In terms of style and size, bracelets make some of the largest statements of any piece of jewelry out there.

For more basics on jewelry type, or to view any of our beautiful fashion jewelry options, contact us at AAA Jewelers today.