Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Jewelry

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Jewelry

Buying fine jewelry should always be a memorable and worthwhile experience. It can be overwhelming at times, but you’ve just got to know what to focus on and what to avoid. To make the process easier, AAA Jewelers has put together this list of do’s and don’ts when purchasing from your jeweler in Utah.

Do Purchase Insurance

Insurance usually covers damage and repairs on top of loss. In the event that your most valuable gems get lost — or even worse, stolen ­— you can sleep more soundly knowing that your property is insured.

Don’t Expose Your Jewelry to Harsh Chemicals

Never use or expose your jewelry to any harsh chemicals such as bleach and other cleaning agents. These can impact the finish of your jewelry negatively or lead to discoloration and deterioration.

So when going for a swim, be sure to take off your jewelry to avoid the negative effects of chlorine exposure.

Do Schedule Monthly Maintenance Appointments with Your Jeweler

Any Utah jeweler will agree that all jewelry needs maintaining to keep it in top condition. Gems are called valuables for a reason, so it’s important to have them checked and get regular maintenance to ensure longevity.

Even the most long-lasting and high-quality pieces need care. This regular care is what allows many families to keep their jewelry for so long and pass down to their family members as heirlooms.

Don’t Sunbathe with Jewelry On

The sun does not only impact our skin, but also our valuable jewelry. Pearls and other gemstones can fade from extreme sun exposure and may result in a shorter life span.

Thus, it’s best to store your jewelry in an appropriate box when you are not wearing it, or else you will have to look for experts in jewelry repair around Utah and find out whether they can do something to bring back the caliber of your gems.

Do Keep Your Jewelry Clean

It’s essential to keep your jewelry clean and shiny. Having it cleaned regularly will guarantee no dirt collects in the piece. To get your precious gems cleaned, go to an expert jeweler in Salt Lake City.

Don’t Engage in Any Physical Activity While Wearing Your Jewelry

We all love wearing our jewelry. However, to prevent any potential damage to your gems, make sure you always remove and store your jewelry in a safe container when engaging in any physical activity.

Want to learn more about jewelry and useful tips while wearing it? On the lookout for the best jewelers in Utah? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with AAA Jewelers today.