Engagement Ring Options Besides Diamonds

Engagement Ring Options Besides Diamonds


A diamond is forever, and it’s also a girl’s best friend, right? Well, that might be what DeBeers wanted you to believe when they created the iconic “diamond is forever” advertising campaign in the late 1940s. The purity and sparkle of these stones came to be the ultimate symbol of love for couples who were planning to spend their lives together, but with the popularity of diamonds and the push for larger and larger engagement rings, the average cost to couples planning to commit now hovers around $5,000. The good news is that if diamond rings are not really your thing, or you prefer to spend a little less on your ring, there are other options.


The Man-Made Variety


If you prefer to stick with tradition but your budget won’t allow you to purchase the mined-from-the-ground variety, or if you are concerned about the ethics of an industry that has been associated with terrorists and rebel warlords using diamond mining to fund their conflicts (e.g., “blood diamonds”), there are options today that look just like the real deal but were made in a lab. These synthetic diamonds have come a long way from the cheap-looking cubic zirconia of old, and today come in both CZ and moissanite. The latter has the same hardness as a diamond, but is only about half the cost.


There are also new options today for laboratory-created diamonds, which are grown and cultivated in the exact same conditions as natural diamonds, so most would never be able to tell the difference without using super advanced tools.


The Stone-Less Option


Not all rings need to have a stone. If you want to symbolize your love to your future fiancée, consider an eternity band that is just gold or white gold, or a knot to symbolize the eternal bonding of your two lives together. The “true lover’s knot” was actually the ring of choice for sailors, made of two interlocking overhand knots in parallel wires that move around each other but are inseparable.


The Gemstone Choice


While diamonds have become the traditional symbol of engagement (thanks to that shrewd advertising campaign), they are certainly not the only precious stone out there. Other gemstones carry additional meaning, symbolizing things from protection and strength (agate) to passion and commitment (garnet). Other gemstones to think about include:


  • Apatite
  • Aquamarine
  • Blue topaz
  • Oxyx
  • Opal
  • Pearl
  • Rose quartz
  • Ruby
  • Turquoise


You may also have a family heirloom ring from a grandmother, a great-aunt, or your long-lost godmother. Before you spend thousands on your own new ring, find out what’s available (on your side and hers, if you can) and get a ring with additional meaning. If it’s not quite what she might want, think about getting the diamond placed in a new setting to keep the sentimental value but provide a more modern style.


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