Eternity Wedding Band Benefits and Versatility, Part 1

eternity wedding band benefits

The engagement jewelry world tends to offer new ways to stand out every few years, and a great recent example here is the rising popularity of the eternity wedding band. Worn by many celebrities and featuring a few notable differences from other wedding band types, eternity bands are popular for both wedding engagements and, in some cases, other life accomplishments.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re here to help with everything from stone selection to band choice for any of our engagement rings or other fashion jewelry pieces. What are eternity bands, how do they match with various stone selection types, and why do many consider eternity bands for their look? This two-part blog series will go over everything you need to know here.

Defining Eternity Bands

An eternity band refers to a variety of different specific looks, but with a few common themes at play. These bands generally feature identical stones that are wrapped around the entire band, not just half of it – these stones will often be identical to the center stone chosen for the piece, as well.

In addition, unlike diamonds you’d find in the band of many other engagement rings, eternity band stones are not pave-set, but rather pronged. They come with a 360-degree shine and also offer significant customization capability, from the stones chosen to clusters or even mixed metals.

What are some of the specific benefits of these bands? Our next few sections will investigate.

Standing Out Visually

More and more buyers want to stand out aesthetically, not only with the stone they choose but also the band. At the same time, many want to accomplish this while also infusing their own unique desires and themes into the piece.

An eternity band is ideal for both these desires. It will stand out visually, but also allows significant customization to match a friend or family member’s ring – or to go in the opposite direction if that’s your preference.

Matching Center Stone

For those who enjoy standardization and matching of various pieces on a given engagement or wedding ring, the eternity band is often the perfect choice. As we noted above, one of the most popular formats for the eternity band is matching the center stone with the stones around the side of the band, leading to a complementary effect that lines up the entire piece. Not only can you choose the same type of stone, the eternity band even allows you to dictate the shape of the stones on the band – they can directly match your center stone in every possible way.

For more on the eternity band and why it’s growing in popularity, or to learn about any of our diamond engagement jewelry, jewelry appraisals or other services, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.