Factors Influencing Diamond Cost, Part 1

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At AAA Jewelers, we’re proud to be your top source in Utah for diamond rings and other diamond jewelry. Our diamond selection includes a huge variety of shapes, colors and clarity options, with numerous other factors available for you to browse by.

Perhaps the most common question we get from buyers who have never purchased a diamond before: How is the cost of a diamond ring determined? Many people have heard of the “four Cs” of diamonds, but are those the only important factors? The answer is no, though those are indeed important areas to consider. This two-part blog will go over every important factor in a diamond’s cost, including the weighted importance of each factor.


As one of the four Cs we mentioned above, carat refers to the weight of the diamond itself – and is likely the single largest factor in the price of the diamond. Most diamonds are priced on a scale directly relating to carat size, with exponential increases.

What this means is, the way prices rise is not even with the way carats increase. If you’re considering both a 1-carat diamond and a 2-carat diamond, for instance, you might think the latter would simply be twice as expensive as the former – but you’d be wrong. In fact, it would be at least four times as expensive due to this exponential increase.

Another important carat factor: Round numbers carry additional value on the market. You’ll pay exponentially more for a 1.0-carat diamond than a 0.9-carat diamond, for example.


Diamond shape is also very important, and there are 10 primary shapes out there. These range from round brilliant cuts (perhaps the most common) to more specific designs like radiant cuts or heart shaped cuts. Round brilliant cut diamonds are generally the priciest options if all else is equal, and when you get into shapes, there’s something of a hierarchy in terms of popularity that determines the pricing scale. Shapes like pear or oval are both in high demand and in fairly low supply these days, so they tend to be more expensive.


Another of the four Cs, color for diamonds is expressed using letters of the alphabet. Most diamonds purchased fall between the range of D to J colors, which essentially range from colorless to near-colorless. Completely colorless diamonds like D and E colors will be the most expensive in most cases, while the closer you get to J, the more the price tends to drop down.


One factor that can be glossed over by some buyers is spread, which speaks to the millimeter measurements of a diamond. Many focus only on the carat weight, not considering things like depth or flatness of the diamond. Deeper cut diamonds often come with lower price tags, for instance.

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