Fashion Jewelry Trends from the 80s

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June 4, 2018
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Fashion Jewelry Trends from the 80s

At AAA Jewelers, our professional staff is always abreast of various trends in the jewelry industry. Whether it’s fashion jewelry, engagement rings or any of our other wide selection, we know what’s popular and what’s quickly going out of style.

We also realize it’s important to remember the history of these kinds of trends and how we got where we are today. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the jewelry trends that were present in the 1980s – classics that, while not really on the market today, helped lay the eventual foundation for our current market.

Charm Pieces

Some of the most popular jewelry items in the 80s were charm pieces, whether we’re talking necklaces or bracelets. Kids or young adults could find different small plastic charms in various shapes, then add them to a chain link necklace or bracelet as they saw fit. There are elements of this trend that are still visible in today’s jewelry world as well.

Goomie Bracelets

Goomie bracelets, also called jelly bracelets, came in a huge variety of colors – they even went with matching multi-colored shoe options. They were the perfect kind of bright to represent the 80s, with numerous different versions that were incredibly simple.

Plastic Bangles

Another great trend from the 80s was plastic bangle bracelets, which many people would collect to a huge degree. Bright neon colors were popular, with various designs. In some cases, the whole point of these was to see how many you could fit on a single arm without looking too ridiculous.

Fat Ropes Chains

Perhaps popularized by hip-hop group RUN DMC, fat ropes chains were a huge fad in the 1980s. These were also called Dookie chains, and could often be seen in the group’s music videos before others began copying the style. Mr T. is another celebrity who was huge on these.

Slap Bracelets

Remember slap bracelets? These were fun items you could literally snap onto your wrist at any time, with as many fun designs as you could handle until you got tired of them.

Want to learn more about previous fashion trends in jewelry, or any of our wide jewelry selection? Speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.