From Your Jeweler in Utah: Most Popular Jewelry Trends Right Now

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From Your Jeweler in Utah: Most Popular Jewelry Trends Right Now

From Your Jeweler in Utah: Most Popular Jewelry Trends

Take it from us at AAA Jewelers — summer 2021 is an amazing time for jewelry lovers everywhere. With this season’s exciting trends, from bangles to rainbow jewels to custom jewelry in Salt Lake City, this is your chance to be bold with your jewelry choices. If your jewelry collection is still stuck in the minimalism rut of the 2010s, this article will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and into the bright, bold, colorful new world of 2021.

Chunky Chains

We’ve been seeing heavy duty hardware all over the runway, and we’ve been loving it. Whether it’s one big statement chain or layers of chains with links of several different sizes and textures, these pieces add a touch of drama everywhere they go. Their layerability makes them versatile, so you can stay on trend without blending into the crowd.

AAA Jewelers’ bracelet NK16156W is a glamorous, silver-colored, chain-link piece that’ll add an edgier feel to any outfit. We love how the variation of link sizes throughout this bracelet makes the piece unique.

Statement Earrings

There’s no better way to showcase your personal style over Zoom and in person than with the perfect statement earrings. When you find statement earrings that are totally you and totally unique, there’s no better feeling. Bold colors and unconventional shapes are adorning the ears of jewelry lovers everywhere this season. It’s not uncommon to see a single statement earring rather than a pair, or even a mix of different pieces.

At AAA Jewelers, we carry a curated collection of gorgeous statement earrings that can be worn together, but also look good when mixed and matched. Our 29490-W earrings are a pair of silvery, crystalline feathers dangling daintily from small silver-colored hoops. Wear both at once to dress up an outfit, or wear just one for a more boho look.

Our 9451-WY earrings are another glamorous choice of statement earrings. These big, dangly, diamond-shaped earrings feature gold and silver tones and are absolutely dripping with jewels. While still being trendy and fun, this pair is a more sophisticated way to get into statement earrings.


Bangles snuck their way onto the runway this spring and summer, and now they’re everywhere. Whether it’s one statement bangle or a whole stack, this is the summer of ice on your wrists.

You can tell from our collection of bracelets this season that bangles have made their way into the hearts of AAA Jewelers’ clients. Our 30348PKD-18R bangle features pink, irregularly shaped crystals set in a peachy rose gold. Even the tiniest movements wearing this bracelet will make those gems shine.

If you’re not ready for a big and bold statement bangle, however, there’s no harm in sticking with the classics. Our 27213-WD bracelet is a simple, diamond-studded bangle. The bangle itself is silver-colored and extremely thin, creating an elegant, minimalist look and letting the diamonds speak for themselves.

Are you somewhere in between pretty in pink and minimalist classic? Our 23878-R bangle is encrusted in white diamonds set in rose gold, for a slightly subtler look than our first bangle, but still bringing the glam and sparkle.

We also have a set of stackable bangles, 19660-WYR. These thin, gem-studded bangles come in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. These can be paired with our statement bangles, or purchased together to form a set.

For those looking for something a little daintier, our 33297-Y bangle is a simple thin, yellow gold band. On either side of the band’s opening are triangle accents filled with diamonds. Our 33300-R is a similar style, but with a rose gold band and diamond teardrop accents.

Colored Jewels

After a few summers of neutral, beachy palettes, we’re excited to embrace the brightly colored gems that have been gracing this season’s runways. After a year cooped up inside due to the pandemic, jewelry enthusiasts everywhere are jumping at the chance to be bold, expressive, and colorful.

AAA Jewelry currently carries a set of earrings (15090BTPZ) that feature big, beautiful, sky blue gems. Set slightly away from the base of the earrings by a set of dainty silver prongs, the summer sunlight will hit these blue stones from nearly every angle, showcasing their beautiful color and shine.

For ring wearers interested in adding a bit of color to their jewelry collections, our ring NK16715CT-Y features a luxuriously oversized amber colored stone. Shaped like a teardrop, this gem is surrounded by two rows of white diamond, as well as dozens of tiny amber stones. The whole thing is set in yellow gold, making this ring a beautiful homage to the summer sun.

If you’re interested in a ring that features this season’s bright and bold tones, but amber isn’t your color, take a look at our ring 27463BND-RB. This rose gold ring features a healthy helping of diamonds and forest green gems set in swooping zigzags across the ring.

Custom Jewelry in Utah

Personalized jewelry is all the rage right now, and it makes the perfect birthday or anniversary gift. From monograms to zodiac signs to birthstones, people are using jewelry to let the world know exactly who they are this season.

If you’re looking for custom jewelry in Salt Lake City, you’ve come to the right place. AAA Jewelers has been a thriving family business for years, so we know a thing or two about artisan crafted custom jewelry. We have a dedicated staff of gemologists certified by the Gemological Institute of America, so you’ll know for sure you’re getting certified diamonds in Utah. From earrings to necklaces to engagement rings in Salt Lake City, we can personalize any piece.

Whether you take inspiration from this trend list, stick with your old favorites, or strike out on your own, AAA Jewelers is here to help. We’re proud to be a trusted jeweler for our clients in Salt Lake City.