History and Uses of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

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History and Uses of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

history uses diamond tennis bracelets

We love selling our numerous fashion jewelry pieces as gifts at AAA Jewelers, and one of the most popular items in this realm over recent years has been the tennis bracelet. Part of our wide collection of bracelets and bangles, tennis bracelets have been a staple of fashion jewelry for many years and have recently experienced a resurgence.

How on earth did fashion items that have very little to do with their popular sporting namesake get this title? Here are some basics on what a tennis bracelet is, why it has that curious name, and what you should be considering if you’re purchasing one for yourself or someone else.

Tennis Bracelet Basics

A tennis bracelet refers to a narrow chain bracelet that’s set with some number of precious stones – almost always diamonds, but other gems may also be used in some cases. The primary value of tennis bracelets is found in their versatility: They’re beautiful and easily functional for special occasions where you’re dressing up, but are also just casual enough to be worn as an everyday fashion accessory.

Generally, tennis bracelets are lightweight and have a bit more flexibility than other bracelet styles you might look at. This makes them easy to store and also presents fewer risks of damage if you’re wearing them around during the day.


So how did the name “tennis bracelet” become the term for bracelets that have no practical value to tennis players? Well, the answer lies in a popular event that took place all the way back in 1987.

During this year, female tennis legend Chris Evert was playing in the US Open on national television. During her match, she lost a diamond bracelet she had been wearing when it fell off her wrist. It was such a serious incident, in fact, that the entire match was postponed so that officials could help Evert look around for her bracelet, which eventually they did.

After the match, Evert was asked about the incident during an interview. In her answer, she called the piece as her “tennis bracelet” – and the name simply stuck. The diamond tennis bracelet started becoming heavily popular not long after this, and it was etched into history.

Check the Clasp

If you’re purchasing a tennis bracelet for yourself or someone else, avoid Evert’s mistake and check the clasp and setting inspected before purchasing. Make sure there’s no stone loss or any issues with the clasp, and also consider insuring your bracelet just like you would with an engagement ring. You can even consider tennis necklaces and earrings in similar designs for a great complement.

For more on the history and uses of tennis bracelets, or to learn about any of our diamond or fashion jewelry, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.