How to Design Custom Engagement Rings in Salt Lake City

If you want an engagement ring as special and meaningful as your relationship, designing a custom ring or set of rings is the way to go. At the end of the day, the wedding dress will go in the closet, the cake will be eaten, and friends and family will return home. The rings, however, are one thing from your special day that you and your partner will be able to look at every day. So if there’s a wedding detail to dedicate extra care and creativity to, it’s the engagement rings. With AAA Jewelers’ dedicated craftsmen, designing custom engagement rings in Salt Lake City couldn’t be easier. Even so, however, you’ll want to learn more about designing and making custom jewelry before you get started.

Understanding the Process of Making Custom Engagement Rings in Utah

Getting a custom set of rings made is no small matter — the process takes time and money. Both the cost and the time needed to complete the ring depend on your design, but be prepared. Starting the process as early as possible is best, especially if you’re in a time crunch. Generally, custom rings take about six to eight weeks to make from start to finish, but they can take longer depending on the complexity of your design.

Designing Your Ring

The first thing you’ll need to do when designing a custom ring is figure out what you want and sketch it. For inspiration, look at engagement rings online and in stores. It’s a good idea to try on different rings before making your sketch so you can determine what band width you prefer on your finger and which metal goes best with your skintone.

It will also help your design process to consider why you want a custom ring. If it’s because none of the rings you see for sale are quite right, start with a ring that’s close to what you’re looking for and make the necessary changes in your sketch. If it’s because you want something unique, you may want to look to vintage rings for inspiration. And if you’re ordering custom jewelry because you want something special and one-of-a-kind for you and your significant other, start thinking about things that remind you of them and how that can translate into jewelry. For example, if you both love the beach, you might incorporate pearls into your design.

When making your design, there are several parts of any ring that you’ll need to make decisions about: stones, cut, setting, and metals. Diamond, of course, is classic for an engagement ring, so you can’t go wrong with this timeless stone. However, if you’re designing your own ring, chances are you’ll want to do something a little bit different. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are beautiful gemstones for engagement rings, for example. You could also consider something with more texture and variation, such as a salt and pepper diamond or rutilated quartz, or something personal, such as your significant other’s birthstone or favorite gem. Whatever you end up choosing, make sure the stone has a hardness of 7.0 or higher on Moh’s Hardness Scale to ensure the finished rings can survive years of wear.

You’ll also need to select a cut. The cut is more than just the shape of the gemstone — it also determines the level of brilliance and fire the gemstone will have, as well as how well it can hide potential imperfections. Brilliant round is the most popular cut for engagement rings, as it has high brilliance and fire and can successfully hide most imperfections. Radiant and princess cuts have slightly squarer shapes but similar properties. You can choose to go for a cushion or emerald cut for a vintage look. However, you should note that these cuts have lower brilliance and fire, and that emerald cuts in particular magnify imperfections. If you have your heart set on an emerald cut, consider using a higher grade diamond, which will be purer and have fewer imperfections. Asscher, pear, heart, and marquise are other popular cuts to consider.

When designing engagement rings, you’ll also need to think about setting. Prong, trellis, and halo settings are among the most popular for engagement rings. Whatever you choose, however, note that raised settings increase the sparkle and shine of your gemstone, while any setting in which metal surrounds part of the gemstone will make it appear less lustrous.

The metal of the band is another major element of your engagement ring. Platinum is widely known as the best metal for engagement rings. It’s durability means you and your significant other’s rings will hold up until death do you part. However, this also means it’s the most expensive metal. A less expensive but still sturdy option is gold, which comes in yellow, white, and rose. Make sure that neither you nor your significant other are allergic to any of these metals. Platinum, however, is hypoallergenic.

I Sketched My Design. What Comes Next?

The next step in the process of creating custom engagement rings is settling on a jeweler that’s right for you and your significant other. AAA Jewelers is a family-owned local business that has been passing their jewelry knowledge and expertise down for generations. With their certified Gemological Institute of America gemologists and years of experience, AAA Jewelers is equipped to help your engagement ring visions become realized.

After you present and discuss your design with your jeweler, they will make a mockup of the ring for you to approve. AAA Jewelers uses state-of-the-art computer-aided design to create a highly realistic, three-dimensional mockup. This computer technology makes it possible for you and the jeweler to make changes to the design until you are perfectly happy with it. Once you approve the design, the jewelers work their magic.

What says “I love you” more than weeks of painstakingly intricate customization and design? If you want to make the ultimate gesture with a custom engagement ring in Utah, AAA Jewelers is here to help.