Your Trusted Jewelry Appraisers in Salt Lake City


For more than 70 years, AAA Jewelers has been providing trusted jewelry appraisals in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our clients have come to associate our name with fairness, honesty and trust, and we want you to experience our service firsthand.

Many factors come into play to determine the real value of both new and vintage items. What you need is AAA’s experienced certified jewelry appraisers in Utah to evaluate your precious items properly. Whether you need a written appraisal or verbal appraisal AAA is here to help.

AAA Jewelers has earned an impeccable reputation in the jewelry selling business. We have been buying valuable items since 1946 and we continue to be the jeweler of choice for clients across the state. We provide fair jewelry appraisals in Salt Lake City, Utah to give you the best price for your items. From new to vintage, used or unused, our appraisers will give you a fair quote for top dollar on all your items.


What is Jewelry Appraisal?

Jewelry appraisals provide information about the specific characteristics of a piece of jewelry, as well as a valuation based on today’s market. To get a proper jewelry appraisal, you should have it done by someone with the right experience to be as accurate as possible.

The appraisal should include:

  • Diamond weight
  • Approximate color
  • Approximate clarity (usually a range)
  • Metal weight and type
  • Other important gemstone details

Finally it should have a value, which you can use to insure the jewelry or to get an estimate of a price range to sell it. The appraisal should be updated every few years so it’s accurate according to the current market.

An appraisal will act as proof of ownership and replacement value to the insurance company if the item is stolen or damaged.


Jewelry, Diamonds, or Anything Valuable

Apart from offering exquisite and beautifully stunning jewelry, we also buy loose or set diamonds and other pieces of jewelry. We offer an honest price for your piece.

Count on us to turn your unwanted or old jewelry into money. We are interested in buying a long list of items with great value. From an estate ring to a vintage pair of earrings, gold to silver items, diamond pendants to loose gems, you can count on AAA Jewelers to offer the best price. Bring your diamonds, gold, silver, Rolex watches, and American coins and leave our store with cash.


Fair Quotes

We rank among the most trusted jewelry appraisers in Salt Lake City because we are committed not just to providing honest appraisals, but also to providing fast and reliable service.

We put a premium on making the process of getting a quote simple and trouble-free. We know your time is important, which is why we strive to evaluate your items in as little as 5 minutes, and quickly complete the transaction so you get your money sooner. As the trusted jeweler in Salt Lake City, you can expect fair and accurate appraisals from us. You won’t get any games or guessing from our team; we follow a strict evaluation process to determine the exact selling price.


Friendly and Professional Service

AAA Jewelers has come a long way since our store first opened in 1946, but we make sure to retain the warm mom-and-pop-type service our loyal customers have grown to love. We treat new customers and long-time clients like family.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Once you arrive at our shop, our friendly staff will make sure to attend to your needs immediately, providing accurate and honest information about your jewelry’s market value. Our team is committed to answering all your questions with confidence and getting you the fairestprice possible for your items.


Experienced & Skilled Appraisers

Jewelry appraisals in Salt Lake City, Utah, just like anywhere else, should be fair and unbiased. To get an honest valuation for your jewelry, you need to work with an experienced and reputable appraiser.

AAA Jewelers is home to many of the most seasoned jewelry appraisers in Utah. Our staff knows what it takes to expertly appraise your item based on the material, workmanship, condition, market value, and all other important factors. We have earned a strong reputation for providing honest appraisals on a range of precious metals, gemstones, and jewelry pieces.

At AAA Jewelers, we turn jewelry items into cash fast. Visit our store today to get the best jewelry appraisals, or contact us for inquiries today.