Keeping Diamond Rings and Jewelry Protected During Holiday Season

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Keeping Diamond Rings and Jewelry Protected During Holiday Season

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means a season of family and good cheer for many out there. For those who regularly wear their engagement ring, wedding ring or any other major jewelry ring pieces, however, this is a season where just a bit of extra care is needed.

At AAA Jewelers, we offer a huge range of engagement rings, wedding rings and fashion jewelry ring options for our clients. We also offer the expertise needed to properly care for them at all times, including during the holiday season. Here are a few areas to think about when it comes to caring for any valuable ring at this time of year.

Cooking or Baking

If you’re someone who takes part in various holiday-related cooking or baking, whether it’s prepping the Thanksgiving turkey or baking your famous holiday cookies, it’s important to consider your ring. For instance, if you’re stuffing a turkey, we highly recommend removing your ring before doing so – both for the sake of the bird and the ring itself.

This is not only to prevent the risk of losing a ring, but also to keep its quality high. Mixing it with various sugars or oils can inhibit the sparkle factor in a variety of ring types, making the ring less attractive in the process.

Seasonal Cleaning or Holiday Prep

Another task many people prioritize at some point during this season is major household cleaning or holiday prep, whether we’re talking about winter readiness areas or specific clean-up for a holiday party or event. This is another area where we highly recommend removing any valuable rings and storing them safely.

Once again, this is not only to limit the risk of dropping or losing the ring, but also to keep its shine and quality up. Items like cleaning products, paint and gardening materials can stain or otherwise damage rings, and even gardening gloves can damage a ring if a prong gets caught on rubber or a thread.

Skin Care and Beauty Themes

The cold season is one where many people, particularly those with dry skin, have to utilize a greater quantity of moisturizers, lotions and other skin care products. Be sure to remove your ring during any such application, as the oils and chemicals in these products can damage it. Exfoliants in particular are known to increase the risk of scratching the metal in your ring. The same goes for general beauty products like hair spray or makeup.

Holiday Calorie Burn

Finally, the diligent folks among us look to keep their exercise routines up during the holidays to offset some of those bigger meals they might be eating. We recommend leaving valuable rings at home when you hit the gym or play any contact sports, as these can be safety risks and may also become damaged during the process.

For more on keeping your valuable engagement or fashion ring protected during the holiday season, or to learn about any of our diamond or other jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers.