Maintaining Element of Surprise for Engagement Rings

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Maintaining Element of Surprise for Engagement Rings

element of surprise engagement rings

There are several elements of an engagement ring purchase and presentation that are special to those involved, and one of these for many couples is the element of surprise. While some couples may discuss and even purchase engagement or wedding rings together, many prefer the format where one spouse, often the future husband, purchases a ring in secret and presents it as a surprise.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re happy to offer tips and expertise on the element of surprise for any of our engagement rings or other jewelry pieces. Here are some basic tips we can offer on how to store an engagement ring with secrecy and protection in mind, plus some other basics on keeping your plans a secret from your significant other until the time is right to pop the question.

Locked Spot

It’s always important to store an engagement ring safely and securely, and you introduce an element of secrecy here as well if you live with your partner. In these cases, we generally recommend a reliable spot you know won’t get a lot of attention from your significant other, such as a suitcase or a stored box in a predetermined hiding spot.

Not only does this keep your partner from finding the ring, it keeps it protected and pristine for the big day. If you’re waiting to insure the ring, this kind of protection keeps it away from any risks.

Disguised Boxing

For shared living situations, especially those without many hiding spots or if you have a nosy partner, you can take some steps to disguise your boxing and make it less likely the ring will be found. For starters, don’t keep it in our AAA Jewelers box or any other with specific jewelry store markings – we’ll provide you with simple black or other box options.

Friend or Relative’s Home

If you truly trust a friend or relative, you might make things easier on yourself by storing the ring in their home instead of yours. This will offer a virtual guarantee that your significant other will not find out about the ring before you want them to. Once again, though, you have to be absolutely sure you trust the person in question to safely store and return your ring after holding it for you.

Travel Tips

If you’re traveling with the engagement ring, never place it in a checked bag or suitcase. For starters, these are inspected with you present in some cases – TSA would be a terrible way to ruin your surprise.

For another, though, luggage is often misplaced or poorly handled during plane flights. If you must take the ring with you on a plane, bring it in your carry-on. Also, never leave the ring or box in a hotel room, as you can never truly know who will be in the room and whether you could recover it if it’s lost.

For more on keeping your engagement ring a surprise, or to learn about any of or diamond or fashion jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.