Not a Typical Timepiece: How Do You Determine a Fine Watch?

A wristwatch is one of the few accessories that suits any style and occasion. There is one kind that outclasses others, though. High end watches are the ones you won’t normally wear on the streets on a casual day. It’s a valuable accessory you wear to complement your fine suit and sophisticated lifestyle.

But how do you really define a high end watch? There are quite a few factors that will help you identify if what you have on your wrist is something of high value. Unless you have the knack for identifying wristwatches, you probably need to know these factors if you’re planning to buy or sell a fine watch.

Famous Brand

The first and foremost thing you need to look at is its brand. You know the timepiece is worth thousands of dollars just by looking at its manufacturer. These brands charge a fortune as they display elite hand craftsmanship and a limited production to add exclusivity. Some of the names include Rolex and Cartier.

Numerous Complications

It’s uncommon to find a high end watch that has a plain and simple mechanism. The more complicated a watch is, the higher its value. You know your timepiece is worth more if it features calendars, date display, time zones, chronograph, and whole lot more mechanisms on top of the three hands.

Handcrafted, Limited Production

As mentioned earlier, big-time brands are known for the worth of products as they typically limit the production. More than the quantity, it is how these brands make the watches. Advanced tools and machines produce quality timepieces, although nothing beats a wristwatch that is handcrafted.

Contains Jewelries

Of course, having real precious stones to the watch instantly makes it a high end one. Whether the hands or the piece itself is made of pure gold and silver or valuable gems are placed inside, fine watches don’t come in ordinary materials. With a price that doesn’t go lower than $5,000, wouldn’t you expect to see these?

Having a valuable accessory is not limited to just rings, bracelets, necklaces, and similar items. Even your timepiece holds great value if you look closely. With a few specific features, you can already tell if your watch is high end. Here at AAA Jewelers, we deal in new or used fine watches, guaranteed to hold the best prices in town. Contact us now and see our offers in unbelievable discounted prices, or work with us in selling your fine watches.