Options for Durable, Practical Engagement Ring Settings

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September 6, 2019
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Options for Durable, Practical Engagement Ring Settings

durable practical engagement ring settings

At AAA Jewelers, one of our top priorities when it comes to engagement rings is ensuring we have something for everyone. We know different individuals and couples have varying needs and desires when it comes to these symbols of their love – some are interested only in diamond quality, others might have interest in alternative stone formats, and still others value practicality and day-to-day quality as major themes.

This last area is one that’s become more popular in recent years: Many engagement ring and diamond buyers are looking for stones that are both visually stunning and practical for wearing during daily life. This includes many people who work jobs that require some level of work with the hands, whether it’s in the medical field, working with children or some other purpose. If you’re the type who wants to wear your ring regularly and keep it well-maintained while also working in such a field, here are a few styles that might be best for you.

Invisible Gallery Design

One of the single lowest-profile engagement ring designs is known as the invisible gallery, one that’s designed to sit precisely flush on the hand. It’s meant to sit closer on the finger than most other alternatives, with extremely slim band styles that make it far less likely than other formats to bump into objects or scratch other materials.

For those who wear gloves on a regular basis, the invisible gallery design is a fantastic choice. It will not rip or otherwise interfere with plastic gloves, and is a common choice for healthcare professionals for this reason.

Cathedral Style

Another viable option here is the cathedral style setting, which attaches at both the stems and basket of the stone rather than just at the stems. This allows for a more secure fit, but with a diamond that’s properly covered by the cathedral shank, which anchors it in place. The cathedral style isn’t quite as slim-fitting as many invisible gallery options, but it’s possibly even more secure.

Split Shank

Another durable, sturdy option that will hold up to the rigors of daily life is the split shank, which is similar to a cathedral setting in many ways – namely that it connects to the center stone twice, from each of its split bands. This addition support makes it less likely to be displaced or knocked off during any hands-on activities.

Bezel Set Stone

Finally, the bezel set ring is a great alternative due to the lack of prongs on the ring. This means there are fewer sharp pieces on the stone itself, perfect for those with young children or who work around them on a regular basis. Rather, these rings have a metal rim around the center stone that holds it in place in a smoother, less intrusive way.

For more ring setting themes if you require a highly practical, hands-on engagement ring, or to learn about any of our engagement or fashion jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.