Perfect Occasions for a Pendant Gift

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June 22, 2017
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Perfect Occasions for a Pendant Gift

There are numerous occasions where jewelry is the perfect gift, and for a unique gift, many people look to luxurious pendants. Pendants made from beautiful gemstones are just one part of our wide selection of custom jewelry at AAA Jewelers.

What are some of the top occasions when a pendant might be appropriate? Here are a few candidates.

Romantic Occasion

Obviously, the most common reason for a pendant or many other forms of jewelry is a romantic occasion like a wedding, anniversary or engagement. A diamond necklace for a daughter on a wedding day is a perfect way to show love, or a heart-shaped diamond pendant for an engagement party. The options here are nearly limitless.


Milestones call for gifts, and pendants can be perfect for things like a promotion, a new baby or a graduation. In the case of a newborn, matching pendants are often the perfect gift. A new job, on the other hand, could warrant a celebratory pendant.


Diamond heart pendants are perfect for days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas, and for more personal holidays or anniversaries, necklaces or more personalized pendant pieces go very well. Pendants can be matched to a given holiday by color and design scheme – cool blues or greens around the winter holiday season, or pinks and reds around Valentine’s Day.


Birthday gifts can come with a lot of pressure, but a pendant never disappoints. A pendant works for your 25-year-old wife, your 50-year-old mother or your 15-year-old niece. A pendant is especially meaningful for a significant birthday, such as a Sweet Sixteen or a milestone like 40 or 50.


You don’t always need a particular occasion to use a pendant as a perfect gift. Some of the best gifts are the ones we don’t expect – thank a significant other for always being there with a beautiful pendant. Spontaneity like that can be fuel for a loving relationship.

To learn more about the uses of pendants or any of our other custom jewelry solutions, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.