Picking a Cushion Cut Style

picking cushion cut style

Beautiful Blue Topaz and diamond Rose Gold Halo Ring Cushion Cut with a square princess style setting

Prominent among the “Four Cs” of diamond purchasing, cut is an important part of any engagement ring selection process. It refers to the style or design used when the diamond is being shaped – it’s about the symmetry and polish of the diamond itself, not the actual shape it’s in.

At AAA Jewelers, we have every variety of cut imaginable within our wide selection of engagement rings. One popular style, both today and throughout the diamond ring’s history, is the cushion cut, which combines a square cut with rounded corners. For a long time, the cushion cut was considered the “standard” diamond shape. There are a few different distinct styles within the cushion cut designation – which is right for you?

Pave Band

This is actually a band style, one where a beautiful diamond wrap either flows underneath the center stone you use, generally a diamond. One common variety of pave band is the pave wrap, which when viewed from the side shows the fantastic wrapping detail you’re going for.

Unlike other cushion types that we’ll get to in a bit, this type doesn’t generally increase the perception of the stone size when looking at it from above – the stone is true to its measurements. This is among the simpler cushion cut designs out there.

Classic Halo

Extremely popular for many years in the diamond world, the classic halo features a visible row of diamonds located around the top surface area of the stone. Essentially, it’s like a picture frame for your primary stone – only one made using gorgeous diamonds.

Unlike the pave band, this has a real effect on the way the stone looks from above. Generally, the classic halo will increase the appearance of your center stone by about one carat size, depending on the specific diamond size you use.

Hidden Halo

The hidden halo is very similar to the classic halo design, only with some slight differences in the way the diamond border is laid out. This basket of diamonds around the top edges of the stone is less visible in this design, only slightly peeking out from under the center stone. From a variety of angles, this makes the stone look larger and more prominent. In the end, your choice between the classic halo and the hidden halo often comes down to the angles you most commonly view your ring from, and which you enjoy most.

Double Halo

For something with a bit more glitz to it, the double halo is a bit of a louder design. It comes with two full diamond wraps holding in the center stone, and has been known to increase the perception of diamond size by at least two carats in many cases. Be prepared for some questions and interested onlookers with this ring option.

For more on which cushion cut style to choose, or to learn about any of our engagement rings or jewelry options, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.