Popular Diamond Cut Styles, Part 2

Popular Diamond Cut Styles, Part 1
February 15, 2018
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March 15, 2018
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Popular Diamond Cut Styles, Part 2

Golden ring with diamonds over black background

In Part 1 of our two-part blog series, we at AAA Jewelers broke down a few of the most popular cuts of diamond on the market. Today in Part 2, we’ll finish off the list.

When it comes to diamond rings, there are a wide variety of different styles and cuts that will impact your decision. Here is the second half of our list describing the various cut styles out there.

Radiant Cut

Radiant cut diamonds, which were most popular in the 1980s, are a bridge between the princess cut and the cushion cut, both discussed in Part 1. The radiant cut features a square diamond with a brilliant-cut surface pattern, giving it a modern look that combines round diamonds and emerald cuts. Radiant cut diamonds are back on a popularity surge in recent years.

Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds are easy to spot in a group – they’re shaped like a football, for starters. They were originally manufactured by King Louis XIV, who wanted a stone based on what he called “the perfect mouth.” Marquise diamonds have an elongated shape and can give off the illusion of even larger size in many cases.

Heart Cut Diamonds

Made to represent love, these are brilliant-cut diamonds that are commonly seen on rings and pendants. These diamonds should generally be at least half a carat.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds first came into existence in the 1960s and became popular because they look larger than they actually are. Oval diamonds have the same brilliance as round diamonds, but bring a unique look that can make fingers look more slender.

Pear Diamond

The pear diamond combines the round and marquise cut, with a conical point on one end. Like the oval diamond, it can make fingers appear slimmer and longer. Pear diamonds generally have good symmetry and are best appreciated in larger sizes.

For more on diamond cuts, or to buy diamonds from our wide selection, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.