Popular Occasions for Engagement and Ring Proposals

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Popular Occasions for Engagement and Ring Proposals

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For many who are considering an upcoming marriage proposal to their significant other, choosing an occasion and popping the question itself are more stressful than the process of selecting the ring. While some stress about finding the perfect diamond and band for their loved one, others get nervous about the actual event and may struggle to find the right time.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re proud to assist our clients with both these areas. On top of our wide selection of diamond rings, engagement jewelry and wedding ring choices, our staff also offers decades of experience in this realm and is here to provide expertise in any area you might require it in – including how and when to pop the question in a special way. Today’s blog will focus on a few popular choices our clients have made in the past to get your creative juices flowing.

Anniversary, Birthday or Special Occasion

In many cases, those looking to propose choose a day that’s special to both partners, or at least the one being proposed to. This might be their birthday, especially if you have a special event planned on that day that would make the occasion even more momentous. Others may choose the couple’s original anniversary.

Note, however, that this special date could be a random one that only holds meaning for you and your partner. In fact, some of the best proposals we’ve seen take on this theme, with major importance for the two people involved in the actual proposal itself.

Couple’s Vacation

Others will sometimes choose a couple or family vacation to pop the big question. This can be a great way to ensure several family members are all present to see the proposal, something some care greatly about.

If you do choose this theme, be very careful about traveling with a high-value ring. Keep it in a small envelope or baggie and on your person at all times during travel, especially during airport security checks.

Valentine’s Day

It may seem cliché, but some couples or individuals are into this sort of thing: Valentine’s Day is the most universally romantic day on the calendar, and often a first choice for a proposal. Those looking for a perfect secret on their proposal might choose another day, however, as many potential spouses might be expecting this sort of thing on such an obvious day.

Winter Holidays

Finally, some others prefer the warmth and light of the holiday season as their proposal backdrop. Whether around family or just the two of you, this is a great time of year to bring in even further holiday cheer by adding another positive occasion.

For more on choosing the perfect proposal occasion, or to learn about any of our diamond engagement rings or other fashion jewelry options, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.