Popular Styles for Oval Cut Diamond Halo Designs, Part 1

oval cut diamond halo

For those looking to purchase an engagement ring or any other diamond ring that mixes traditional beauty with modern shape and design, one of the most popular options today is the oval cut. A combination of round and marquise diamond styles, the oval cut is one that brings both modern benefits and traditional appeal to the wearer.

At AAA Jewelers, oval cuts are just one choice among our wide selection of engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. They’re particularly common in the “halo” design format, but the specifics of how you design and select an oval cut diamond will depend in large part on the desires of the wearer from here. This two-part blog will go over some of why oval cut diamonds are so popular today, plus many of our favorite halo-inspired designs that are often used for them.

Why Oval Diamonds Stand Out

While everyone has their own specific diamond type in mind, oval cut diamonds have become enormously popular because of their combination of versatility and beauty. For starters, ovals are longer stones, which in turn make the fingers on the hand seem longer and more slender for the wearer – even fingers the ring itself is not on.

This means that in many cases, those buying on a budget can easily stay within it by purchasing a slightly smaller center diamond, with what’s known as the “halo” effect of surrounding diamonds used to make the stone seem larger. You can get a ring just as shiny and sparkly as a round option, but for a lower price.

Now let’s go over some of the most popular halo or halo-adjacent oval diamond ring designs you’ll find on the market today, plus which (or which derivation) might be right for you.

Classic Halo Design

One of the single most popular engagement ring styles for any diamond shape is the classic halo oval design, which is ideally done with a 1.5 carat oval diamond. The “classic” element in the title signals a single row of diamonds as the halo surrounding the center stone, plus diamond stems place on top of a thin band.

These stems are in charge of not only adding shine, but also connecting the band to the halo itself. It’s also possible to make these stems plain if you want a minimalist contrast.

Double-Edged Halo

Another popular halo design is the double-edged halo, which features two rows of diamonds for the halo rather than one. One of these rows surrounds the center stone, while the other works from a side view and creates less metal exposure on the ring.

Fishtail (or French) Pave

In other cases, buyers may desire a side profile for the metal with a small etching. This is called a fishtail pave setting, where a small v-shaped etching is made into the setting. The diamonds near it will appear more brilliant due to extension into the metal and light refraction that takes place as a result.

For more on the kinds of oval diamond halo designs you might consider, or to learn about any of our diamond or fashion jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.