Quarantine Engagement Proposal Themes to Consider, Part 2

quarantine engagement proposal themes
Quarantine Engagement Proposal Themes to Consider, Part 1
May 1, 2020
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June 5, 2020
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Quarantine Engagement Proposal Themes to Consider, Part 2

quarantine engagement proposal themes

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common themes many are taking for wedding proposals during this time of quarantine and social distancing. The COVID-19 outbreak sadly created roadblocks for many prior engagement plans by cancelling many trips and other planned events, but those popping the question to their partner have found creative alternatives in the meantime.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re happy to offer a wide selection of engagement rings and other diamond jewelry to help make your proposal an event you cherish for life. In today’s part two, we’ll go over a few other fun, sensible and even romantic themes couples have taken during their recent proposals – perhaps one of these themes will spur you toward a unique idea of your own for an upcoming proposal.

Cooking or Baking Infusion

The pandemic sweeping the globe is keeping many of us inside and at home for longer periods than normal, and many have taken advantage of all this spare time by sharpening their cooking or baking skills. And for those who really love one of these pursuits, why not consider infusing this general theme into your wedding proposal?

There are numerous formats you can take here, one of the most popular being either hiding the ring inside a baked good or using it as the topper. Take care that any hiding place you use isn’t too good – you don’t want your partner accidentally taking a bite of the ring, after all! You might even consider a creative idea like spelling out the proposal in icing or using candle letters for some area.

Virtual Proposal Party

In some cases, the proposal you had planned prior to the quarantine period may have involved others. Maybe you and a group of friends were going to sing a song to your hopeful fiancé as part of the proposal, for instance, or you had simply planned to propose in front of cherished family and friends.

You may think quarantine has ruined your plans here, but not so fast. Modern technology allows for more options here than you would have had even a decade ago, including video calls and many other possible themes. All it will take is an extra couple minutes to get the proper electronics and internet connection set up to bring home your group proposal theme.

Picture-Perfect Proposal

If you’re like many couples, you and your partner have numerous photos from your time together. There are several ways to utilize these as part of your proposal – one of the most popular is hollowing out a book and making it look like a picture catalog from the front (which, in part, it is), then placing the ring somewhere within the book. Others choose to order custom photo albums online or even build an entire scrapbook themselves, then leave a proposal passage for the very end.

For more on creative wedding proposal ideas during quarantine, or to learn about any of our diamond or fashion jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.