Ring Fit Guidelines and Issues

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Ring Fit Guidelines and Issues

ring fit guidelines issues

When it comes to any ring, whether it’s an engagement ring or a fashion ring of any kind, fit and sizing are vital areas. This is particularly important for anyone looking to purchase a “surprise” ring for someone besides themselves, which requires some guesswork in terms of the perfect size.

At AAA Jewelers, we can help you with every area of fit and sizing for our engagement rings and all other fashion rings we offer. Why is sizing so important? Let’s look at the basic fit concerns that come into play for many rings, plus how to respond if the ring you get is either too large or small.

Custom Rings and Fit Concerns

Many of the rings bought from us are custom-made, meaning they are sized based on the individuals they are supposed to fit. Bands can be built in any variation needed, but there’s an important note here: When a band has been built for a given size, any alteration can affect the metal thickness and stone alignment of the piece.

For most needed modifications here, namely those under a full ring size, this isn’t a big concern. But if you’re resizing over a full size, diamond loss and warping are possible along with issues with setting integrity. For this reason, do your very best to get in-person sizing or the most accurate measurements possible.

Proper Size Guidelines

For rings to be worn regularly, such as engagement rings, the sizing will depend in part on the thickness of the band. Generally, the fit should be fairly tight – you should have a bit of resistance when putting on or removing the ring, but there should not be any pain while doing so. At the same time, the ring should never simply slide off the knuckle or out of place. It should rest easily on the base of the finger without sliding.

Ring Too Big

The far more common sizing issue for rings is one that is too large, and you may notice the ring twisting and spinning around your finger if this is the case. This ring is more susceptible to damage, and to being lost during daily activities. You have two primary options for a ring that’s a bit too big:

  • Sizing beads: These are a non-permanent option, metal knobs place on the inner part of the ring to hold it against your finger. These beads are easily removable, allowing you to test the fit of the ring without permanently changing its structure. Beads tend to adjust rings by a quarter of a ring size at a time.
  • Resizing: If you’ve already used sizing beads and have your answer, or if you’re confident in the size changes you need, you can have your ring permanently re-sized by our professionals.

Do keep in mind that factors like cold weather may loosen the feel of a ring. Also consider whether you’ve lost weight recently or some other temporary factor might be contributing.

Ring Too Small

It’s very rare for rings to come smaller than they’re sized. In these cases, it’s not advisable to resize because this can create issues with the setting.

For more on why ring size is so vital, or to learn about any of our diamond rings or other styles, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.