Stages of the Top-Down Engagement Ring Purchasing Process

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Stages of the Top-Down Engagement Ring Purchasing Process

stages top-down engagement ring purchasing

For either couples or individuals searching for engagement rings for the first time, the process can appear daunting at first. There are so many different great options out there even just within the diamond realm (not considering numerous other gems), with a huge variety of settings, shapes, colors and other areas to choose between.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re happy to not only present you with our wide selection of custom engagement rings, but also assist you with the process of narrowing down your great options and choosing the perfect ring. A common approach many buyers take is known as the top-down approach, which generally progresses as the name suggests: From the top, or generally the most important part of a diamond ring, down to the complementary details. Let’s go over some of the general steps in top-down engagement ring selection.

Shape Considerations

The simplest way to begin your top-down search is by starting with the center stone, the foundation for the ring and the area the rest of the design will complement. And the first big choice to make here? The shape of the stone you’re looking for.

Your choice here depends on several factors, from how trendy you want to be down to the shape of your hand or fingers and how various stone shapes might appear. Round and emerald cuts are two of the most traditional and classic, while oval and radiant cuts are becoming more popular for younger generations. If possible, look to try on various shapes to see how they look on your hand, allowing you to narrow things down.

Halo Vs. Non-Halo

As you’re selecting the center stone itself, you also want to consider whether you will or won’t involve a halo design. A halo refers to small diamonds that surround the center stone, while a non-halo design will have just the stone or limited accenting side-stones. Certain primary stone shapes work best with halo or non-halo designs, an area our team can inform you on further. And of course, there are several specific variations of halo or non-halo styles to consider once you’ve made your broad choice.

Band Style and Band Color

Once you’ve settled on a general or specific theme for your center stone and surroundings, it’s time to consider the band you’ll be using. The first choice here is often similar to the halo vs. non-halo discussion: Do you want a plan metal band of some sort, or a band with diamonds on it? From here, you can decide on areas like thickness, split vs straight and other areas.

One such area is the color of the band itself. You have many more options here than folks a generation or two ago had – they were pretty much limited to white gold or platinum. Today, you have options that range from white and rose gold to various other metal types, all of which come with their own benefits and drawbacks.

For more on the stages of a top-down engagement ring selection, or to learn about any of our diamond rings or fashion jewelry options, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.