Steps to Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Steps to Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

steps selecting engagement ring

At AAA Jewelers, we’re proud to be many Utahns’ first stop when they’re in need of engagement rings to mark a momentous life occasion. Between these and our wedding rings and bands, we’ve helped numerous couples celebrate their bond and create lasting pieces to remember it by.

We’re well aware that the majority of our clients have never shopped for or purchased an engagement ring before, and we’re here to help, with dedicated expert staff who will attend to your personal needs and desires. Let’s go over the simple steps in the process of buying an engagement ring, plus a few broad tips we can offer in each of these areas.

Proper Budgeting

Before you go any further, you have to take some time to lay out your budget. We are able to customize rings for you in a huge range of prices, from affordable stone and band options to those that truly reflect your commitment in a monetary way.

Our only major tip here: Don’t take too many random outside tips! Every wedding-related website seems to have their own “rules” about how much you should be spending on a given engagement ring – you’ll see three months’ salary from some sources, one month from others, and all sorts of other complex guidelines. But guess what? These aren’t made with each individual buyer in mind, and how you budget for an engagement ring should come down to what you and your partner are comfortable with based on your own finances.

Broad Styles

Once you’ve found an acceptable budget range, you can begin picking out the ring styles and stone shapes/materials that interest you broadly. This is an area where our online selection process can be highly valuable – it will help you narrow down some of your many initial options.

This is a period where you’re getting a general view of the ring’s design and appearance will be. You can begin focusing on specific center stone materials now, but we don’t recommend settling on a final decision here until just a bit later.

Narrowing Down, Choosing Setting

As you narrow things down, it’s generally good to finalize a setting before your final stone. This will provide you clarity on which sizes will fit in your center area and which visual options might be best.

Finalizing Center Stone

And finally, it’s time to settle on a final choice for the center stone itself. Refer back to your budget, from which you can subtract the cost of the setting and band you’ve already chosen. From here, we can show you numerous options within your budget, from diamonds to other stones, and help you make the right choice based on your band, setting and personal preferences.

For more on the steps in selecting the perfect engagement ring, or to learn about any of our engagement rings and other fashion jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.