Taking Great Pictures of a New Engagement Ring

taking pictures engagement ring

For many who have just become engaged via accepting a ring from their significant other (or vice versa), this may be one of the most exciting times of your life. You naturally want to get the word out and share the event with those close to you — and one major part of this involves taking some good pictures of your new engagement ring to send around.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re happy to not only provide clients with the best engagement ring options they can find, but also to assist with numerous related themes, including those like these. What are some basic recommendations we make to clients who are taking their own photos of an engagement ring, often with a smartphone? Here are several to ensure you present the ring in the best possible fashion to those you’re sharing the big news with.

Proper Lighting

One of the first and most important considerations for any photograph is making sure it’s taken in proper lighting. For engagement ring photos, this means having the right type of light to ‘bring out’ the ring in all its glory. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ambient, natural outdoor light provides an excellent backdrop for your photo when done correctly. If you’re shooting at night or on a very cloudy day, you run the risk of significant shadowing and poor visibility. If it’s a sunny day and you’re outdoors, take advantage of that — avoid shooting at times when there are shadows cast on the ring or the diamond appears dim.
  • Flash is perhaps your second-best option after natural outdoor light — but remember to use it judiciously, avoiding its use in very close-up shots (the light may unintentionally create lens flare). If you need to shoot indoors without natural lighting available, this is your best choice.
  • Avoid the use of desk lamps for this purpose — they’re usually not bright enough and provide too stark a difference between the ring and the background. You should also avoid using built-in ring box lighting, which can create a similar effect.

Getting the Right Angle

Down related lines, it’s vital to ensure you’re taking pictures from the best possible angle and position. Here are some things to consider:

  • Don’t shoot down on the ring like it’s a pool toy or a piece of roadkill – this can result in it appearing unnaturally flat and lacking depth; try instead to shoot at an angle that emphasizes its height, width, and sparkle
  • Avoid centering the shot or using very wide angles, which dulls the appearance of the ring by showing too much of the surroundings. Frame your shot more tightly instead to emphasize the diamond
  • Consider taking photos from multiple angles if possible — some people prefer close-ups, while others prefer wider shots that show more of the ring and its setting

Care for the Hand

Most prefer to take pictures of their new ring with it on their finger, and those doing so should also ensure their finger and hand look great. If this means getting a professional manicure, doing so might be worth the effort. Beyond this, a few other basic themes can help a bunch.

Moisturizing the hands is helpful for making your skin appear radiant, while also avoiding any excess dryness that can exacerbate lines or overall skin appearance. Treat cuts or abrasions before taking photos to avoid the ring being framed by an unsightly blemish on your finger, and also trim your nails so they don’t have any jagged edges.

Proper Background

Another important factor for getting the very best pictures of the ring is what’s sitting in the background. The right background will elevate the entire shot, while the wrong one can make a previously nice picture appear dull or even worse. Consider these points when setting up your shot:

  • Avoid anything that’s too cluttered or busy in the background — this includes crowding your shot with other rings, but also less-than-clean backgrounds like pets running around, trash cans at the beach, and so on.
  • Try and shoot in a nice, clean area without too many distractions to further bring out the ring and its features. These can include items like posters or other signs nearby, messy piles, etc.
  • Hand in both foreground and background: Take pictures that involve both the hand holding the ring and also include all or part of the rest of the body. This can make for a very nice shot, but ensure you frame them well to focus on the ring in question.

Don’t Use Zoom

If you’re using a smartphone for pictures of your engagement ring, we strongly recommend avoiding the use of zoom unless you’re shooting it from a distance. This is for a few reasons, the first of which is that using zoom simply reduces the quality of the shot you’re taking. It also compresses the image, making it appear flat and limited in contrast.

Lastly, when using zoom digital artifacts are more likely to become visible in your final picture — this includes fine lines that can end up looking like cracks in the finished version.

Utilize Filters

While zoom is a smartphone feature to stay away from, filters are your friend in this area. They can assist you with adding a little twinkle to an otherwise flat shot and help better bring out the sparkle of your diamond. If you’re using Instagram or another similar app, consider adding a filter that darkens the appearance while still keeping the color saturation high to really bring out all the wonderful parts of your ring.

Keep the Hand Relaxed

You may not realize it while you’re taking pictures, but people will be able to tell if you tense your hand or stiffen your fingers when you press the shutter button, and doing so can create a less than flattering image. This is just as important as getting the spacing between your finger and the ring right to avoid an unwanted over-the-top look that appears very unnatural.

Take several practice shots with relaxed hands before taking the big picture to ensure you’re ready.

For more on how to take ideal pictures of an engagement ring to send to friends and family, or to learn about any of our diamond engagement rings or other diamond jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.