The World’s Most Expensive Diamond Rings

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January 12, 2015
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February 9, 2015
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The World’s Most Expensive Diamond Rings

Diamond rings last forever. That’s why most people find them suitable for engagement rings to symbolize undying love – and apparently, outrageous wealth.

Below are examples of engagement rings with a heavy stud – and an equally heavy price tag.

  • Kim Kardashian’s ring – even though her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted only 72 days, she got a ring out of it that would probably last a lifetime. The basketball star bought his then-fiancé a 21 emerald-cut center stone ring with 1.8 side diamonds which cost $2 million


  • Beyoncé’s ring – it’s no surprise that the “put a ring on it” diva would make the list. Following her engagement to rapper Jay-Z, Beyoncé received an 18-carat emerald-cut ring that was rumored to cost about $5 million. Jay-Zdid put a ring on it, and an expensive one at that.


  • Kate Middleton’s ring – formerly Princess Diana’s engagement ring, the 12-carat sapphire, with 14 diamonds surrounding the center stone, is now in the possession of the Duchess of Cambridge. According to Vashi Dominquez, a world-famous jeweler, the humble $43,000 value of the sapphire ring then has risen to $5 million today.


  • Victoria Beckham’s ring – we don’t know why posh spice isn’t smiling much when she’s married to David Beckham and has received over 13 engagement rings from the soccer superstar over the past 15 years. All in all, the rings are worth $6.5 million, a sizable inflation from the first marquis-shaped diamond ring he gave her in 1998 that had a meek value of about $100,000.


  • Elizabeth Taylor’s Ring – this list wouldn’t exist without Miss Taylor, jewelry extraordinaire. According to reports, she received a 33-carat, Krupp Diamond ring from her fifth husband, Richard Burton. The actual worth of the ring was unknown, but it was auctioned for $8.8 many years later.


What this tells us, apart from that celebrities have money to spend, is that the monetary worth of the ring isn’t what’s going to dictate the quality and length of your marriage. You can browse through a practical, and more affordable selection, and like all of these wealthy superstars, just hope for the best and get that yes.

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