Tips for Fashion Ring Styles

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July 1, 2017
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Tips for Fashion Ring Styles

Rings are a growing fashion statement in many circles, and at AAA Jewelers, we have numerous styles and materials to help you create or match any fashion jewelry look you desire. Our designs range from vintage to modern, with designs to fit every palate.

Keeping up with all the latest trends within all these materials and styles is never easy, but our jewelers have got you covered here as well. Here are some tips for styling your rings within each of several popular styles.

Gold and Geometric Shapes

If you’re into rings that are all gold and utilize a variety of geometric shapes, this look is all about balance. Slide heavier rings down to the bottoms of fingers, and balance with geometric shapes on the pinkies. Use thinner, more delicate pieces on the middle and pointer fingers.

Gemstones and Color

Gemstones provide a little extra jolt of color, and they work perfectly with a medi ring to complement the designs. Square diamond pieces can complement virtually anything, particularly gemstones.


If you’re obsessed with silver, there are numerous shapes that can lead to a boho-inspired look. Combine more delicate pieces with larger, chunkier ones for a good contrast.

Personal Lettering

Some people prefer personal lettering on rings, and this is all about standardization. Look for rings in the same color, and wear them on a single hand to keep the letters legible. Balance out this look with simple ring bands that won’t distract from the main attraction.

Stacked Rings

If you’re stacking rings on an individual finger, look to mix metals and shapes. The pointer finger is generally best here, as well. This will feel like a single piece in many cases, an attractive look.


If you don’t mind a variable mishmash of shapes, a variety of pearls on several fingers of a hand can go perfectly. Pearls polish up well, and can distract from an otherwise messy look.


Many people are into quirkier designs like a zigzag or swirl, and these are easy to style with other straight rings – choose small and dainty designs, and style them in a parallel format with straighter rings.

To learn more about fashion ring styling, or to find out more about any of our custom jewelry services, speak to the pros at AAA Jewelers today.