Tips for Selecting Engagement Rings Without Your Partner

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Tips for Selecting Engagement Rings Without Your Partner

selecting engagement rings without partner

When it comes to engagement ring shopping, there are a few different common scenarios out there. In general, though, most of them can be lumped into one of two bins: Those where the party who the engagement ring is being purchased for, most often the woman, is involved in the shopping process, and those where this person is not involved (often used for those who want to pop the question utilizing the element of surprise).

At AAA Jewelers, we’re proud to offer a wide range of engagement rings for all varieties of shopping circumstances. Today, we’ll focus on those men (and some women!) who are taking on the often-challenging task of shopping for an engagement ring for their significant other without them present – here are some tips for ensuring you get the best possible ring even with limited information at your disposal.

Ring Size

While it’s generally possible to resize a ring, doing so for more than a jump of a single size can risk the integrity of the setting, especially for diamond engagement rings. For this reason, it’s vital to come as close as possible to the proper ring size for your significant other.

If you’ve ever been with your other half during a previous fashion ring purchasing trip, perhaps you’ve been diligent and noted her ring size – in this case, you’re set to go. If not, however, a few tips we can offer:

  • Ask around: If you have a good relationship with your significant other’s mother, friends, or others who may know their ring size – plus won’t spill the beans after you’ve talked to them – reach out to them for help.
  • Sneak attack: If your significant other currently wears rings regularly, and you think you can get away with it (and won’t lose it), sneak one of them away and get it sized before returning it.
  • Just ask: Finally, if all else fails, just ask your significant other well in advance – they still won’t know exactly when the proposal is coming, and you’ll be sure you don’t get this vital area wrong.

Stone Shape

When it comes to shape, you’re mostly going off what you know about your significant other and their visual interests. Our general recommendation here is to narrow down your selection to two or three shapes and stone materials you think there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy, then make the final pick.

Band Color

When it comes to band color, think about both comfort and aesthetics. Don’t purchase a color that will match poorly with your significant other’s skin tone, for instance, and if possible, try to match this area with other jewelry pieces. If you know your significant other often wears gold combinations, for instance, consider a two-toned option to complement this.


Finally, be sure you have the basics of the stone setting style in mind. You might opt for a solitaire or diamond band, and may also be choosing between a halo or no halo. If you’re unsure of which style to choose here, perhaps peruse your significant other’s social media – particularly Instagram or Pinterest, if they have it – to get some ideas.

For more on selecting a ring for a significant other who is not present, or to learn about any of our engagement rings or other wedding ring options, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.