Tips on Proper Advanced Research for an Engagement Ring

advanced research engagement ring

We’re proud to offer professional assistance and expertise to all our clients at AAA Jewelers, including a common group: Those searching for a diamond engagement ring in secrecy, planning to surprise their partner with a proposal in the near future. While some couples choose to shop for such rings together, some prefer this traditional approach and all the joy it brings in the moment.

If you’re one of our clients in this position, one of our simplest recommendations to you is this: Do your research. Spending one afternoon haphazardly looking at a few diamonds before selecting one generally isn’t going to cut it for any serious engagement. With this theme in mind, here are some more specific tips we can offer you on this process.

Finding What Your Partner Wants

In some cases, you’ll be so close with your partner that you’ll know exactly what they’ll enjoy in an engagement ring ahead of time. Maybe the two of you have already discussed this theme in the past, or perhaps you’re just in tune with the kinds of designs or jewelry your partner typically wears.

It’s totally understandable, however, for many partners to be unsure here. And in these cases, understand that it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to other sources who may be able to help – whether it’s a close friend, parent, sibling or someone else who is very close to your partner. Instead of simply guessing, which often results in a need for a resetting of the center stone a few months or years down the line (which costs money), be as informed as you can be here.

Ring First, Then Proposal

One major piece of advice we give many clients: Don’t rush this process, particularly the period between selecting a ring and proposing. Finding the right ring will be far less stressful if you aren’t rushed or up against a crazy deadline. In fact, if at all possible, we recommend finalizing your engagement ring purchase before planning the proposal itself.

Ring Insurance

One detail to never gloss over during this process is jewelry insurance, which can be purchased for any piece if needed. We highly recommend insuring any high-value engagement ring, and we also implore you to read all the fine print and understand exactly what your coverage entails.

Shapes and Pricing

One tip if you’re concerned about being able to purchase a big enough stone within your budget: Cut and shape are very important factors here that may impact the way a ring looks despite wide differences in pricing. Certain diamond shapes look bigger, and elements like inclusions also play a major role here.

For more on doing the proper research before selecting an engagement ring, or for information on any of our engagement or wedding rings, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.