Trends in Diamond Jewelry for the New Decade

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Trends in Diamond Jewelry for the New Decade

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Like many other fashion-related areas, the world of diamond and other jewelry pieces experiences regular trends that ebb and flow. Each new year brings a few different trendy or popular styles while others from previous years go out of flavor, while some of the best remain for years or even decades while standing the test of time.

At AAA Jewelers, we stock a wide variety of the latest in diamond and other jewelry, from engagement rings and wedding rings to numerous other fashion jewelry formats. No matter which style or trend you’re hoping to select for your ring, we have the quality stones, bands and other materials you need. As we’re freshly entering a new year – and even a new decade – let’s take a moment to go over some of the current popular trends or areas that are likely to see a lot of attention on the diamond and jewelry market in the year 2020.

Multiple Stones

One area that’s long been important within diamond rings is finger coverage, and this is a priority for many modern buyers today. There are several ways to achieve a ring look that covers a large portion of the finger in question, often elongating it and making it look thinner and more attractive as part of the hand.

One such method is by utilizing a multi-stone ring such as a three-stone option. There are also numerous two-stone formats out there – this style ranges from two stones up to as many as five in some cases if you really want to get extravagant. Some choose similar or identical stones, while others mix or match their shapes and sizes instead of having a single center diamond.

Antique Cuts

Vintage designs are always popular in several industries, and the diamond world is no exception. Many antique diamond cuts are undergoing a resurgence in recent months, including older European cuts that have a very distinctive and classic appearance.

Eternity Bands

For those looking to buck the traditional trends and do something a bit outside the box, one great potential choice is a round, fancy-cut diamond eternity band. This is a substitute for a traditional engagement ring, with the entire band complete with diamonds and available in numerous different metal tones, shapes and sizes.

Hybrid Step Cut

Finally, a newer option on the market today is known as the hybrid step cut, which has an elongated cut-corner stone with a facet arrangement. This arrangement features weaved linear step cuts in a condensed format, bringing detailed and intricate patterns to the ring that show off modern diamond quality and ring creation.

For more on 2020 trends in diamond rings, or to learn about any of our engagement rings or fashion jewelry options, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.