What Goes Into Engagement Ring Upgrades

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What Goes Into Engagement Ring Upgrades

engagement ring upgrades

They say love is blind, and this is particularly true when it comes to wedding engagements and our financial health. We aren’t always lucky enough to fall in love and find someone we want to marry right as we’re in a perfect financial place, and some people get concerned about not having enough money to buy the perfect engagement ring.

At AAA Jewelers, we’re to help with this and numerous other engagement ring areas. Not only do we have well-priced diamond engagement rings and quality payment programs to help you get your significant other the ring of their dreams, we can also help you with upgrading your engagement ring down the line if you have the funds and desire to do so. Many jewelers offer these kinds of upgrades as part of their purchase policy on original stones – let’s go over some of the basics to know about upgrading an engagement ring, including when it’s appropriate and what’s involved in the process.

Timing, Waiting Periods and Values

In most cases, there will be a minimum waiting period before you can upgrade a center stone on an engagement ring. This period is often three years, but it will vary between individual jewelers and, in some cases, between specific pieces.

In addition, there’s often a minimum threshold required for the value of the new upgraded stone. Some jewelers require it to be at least twice as valuable as the original, though again this may vary. Note that there will be further complications if the original stone was not purchased with us.

Upgrade Process

When you desire an upgrade for an engagement ring, the first step will be bringing the current piece in to ensure it’s in good condition and is eligible for an upgrade. You’ll be asked to bring in both the piece itself and the original certification, as well as the sales receipt you received. If the stone is in proper shape and is eligible, we’ll set you up with one of our trained specialists to help you choose your new diamond.


In addition, we’ll have to ensure the settings of the ring remain viable for your new stone. In some cases, the upgraded stone will be significantly larger and will not properly fit the previous setting. In these situations, we’ll do our best to salvage the original setting while also expanding it naturally so it can hold the new stone.

In other cases, the entire setting might need to be remade for the integrity of the stone. If we can’t accomplish a seamless, pristine look by molding your old setting, we will take the time to craft you a new one.

For more on upgrading a diamond engagement ring, or to learn more about any of our engagement or fashion jewelry, speak to the staff at AAA Jewelers today.