What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

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September 23, 2015
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What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

They say diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend, so the type of diamond you get for your engagement ring probably says a lot about your personality. If you’ve ever wondered what your ring style is telling people about you and what it might say about your wedding and personal style, here’s a quick guide.

Round Cut

This traditional round diamond cut is often a favorite for people who want a classic look that will never go out of style. If you’re engaged, you’re probably planning a traditional wedding with everything pointing to timeless beauty. The great news is that with such a beautiful and timeless style, your wedding ring will never go out of fashion.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a square-cut diamond that has become more of a modern style, and chances are if you selected this for your engagement ring you are a little edgier, although not entirely out of the realm of traditional weddings. You probably opt for less traditional fashion styles in your wedding (and your daily life), and like to do things that stray from the “beaten path” a little bit.

Cushion Cut

This is the ultimate compromise between the timeless elegance of the round cut and the edgy fashion of the princess cut—it’s a diamond that has all the brilliance with soft corners, and is often accompanied in the setting by a ring of smaller diamonds, and perhaps even more diamonds on the engagement ring band and the matching wedding band. Chances are if you are going for the trendy-yet-traditional cushion cut with all these diamonds, you are no stranger to glamorous wedding details like champagne towers, amazing high-heeled shoes and sequined bridesmaid gowns.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut provides you with all the elegance of other engagement ring diamonds, but with a minimalist tilt. That probably means you’re considering a smaller ceremony with just your closest family and friends, perhaps in a secluded setting, and your wedding style is going to be chic and toned down.

Colored Diamonds

Not all diamond engagement rings need to be clear/white. In fact, today there are so many different options to choose from that if you prefer to have your very own style, a colored ring will be ideal for you. Your selection today includes everything from pink diamonds to chocolate ones, or you could opt for a center stone that is not diamond at all—going for an emerald, ruby, or some other iconic stone to set yourself apart from the crowd.

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