Why Round Diamonds Are a Bit More Expensive

round diamonds more expensive

When it comes to diamond rings, cut and shape are very important factors. As one of the “Four Cs” of diamond buying, cut speaks to the quality of the stone, while shape refers to the way it’s rounded, squared or otherwise shaped.

At AAA Jewelers, we have a huge variety of diamond cuts, shapes and varieties for you to choose from. One of the single most popular options, both in our store and around the country, is the round brilliant cut – and this is despite this cut being slightly more expensive than other similar styles. Why are round diamonds more expensive than other shapes? Let’s take a look at this, plus go over some reasons why round brilliant cuts are a great choice and some alternatives if you can’t quite fit one into your budget.


As we noted above, round brilliant cuts rank at or near the top of sales lists for nearly every diamond seller out there. They’re commonly requested specifically, either by brides-to-be or for other reasons. This simple bit of supply and demand is why these cuts are a bit more expensive – the more people that want an item that’s in limited supply, the more expensive it will be.

Rough Loss

The other primary reason these stones are more expensive, however, is due to the craftsmanship that goes into creating them. When crafting a round diamond, cutters have to remove a large amount of rough stone from the piece – not only does this waste valuable stone, it takes more time and care to accomplish than most other cuts.

We pay for time and skilled labor across numerous product areas, and diamonds are no different. To get a round diamond that’s perfectly symmetrical, you need a pro with the proper skills and attention, and those don’t come cheap.

Other Cost Considerations

While round diamonds are a bit more expensive from a cut and shape standpoint, they actually offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to color and clarity. Round diamonds are generally good at hiding imperfections based on their great sparkle, so many buyers find they can go into the SI range of the diamond is eye clean, saving a bit of money. J colors in oval cut diamonds might appear worn, but that same color in a round brilliant cut diamond will appear white without a noticeable stain. This flexibility helps make up some of the difference in cut price.


If you’re looking for the brilliance of a round cut without spending quite as much, consider a cushion brilliant style instead. We’ve noticed that these come fairly close sparkle-wise to the real round brilliant cuts, and you won’t have to budget quite as high.

For more on why round diamonds tend to cost more, or to learn about any of our diamond rings and custom jewelry, speak to the experts at AAA Jewelers today.